Podcast RSS extension

This project aims to extend the RSS XML to add metadatas about the show and its episodes

The podcast-ext project will be open source and open to everyone wanting to contribute.

You can share start to share your ideas by opening Github issues at : https://github.com/podcloud/podcast-ext/issues


The podcast namespace will be used to be fully platform agnostic and neutral.

A new set of tags will permit podcasters to add social and podcasting platforms informations


You can add this tag at channel level and item level.

Platform blocks

The feed owner can choose specificaly which podcasting platform is allowed or not to add the podcast to their catalog : <podcast:block platform="PLATFORM_NAME">yes/no</podcast:block>

A default platform name can be used to define the default behaviour an unlisted podcasting platform should adopt.

This mimicks itunes:block and googleplay:block mechanism, but aims to be platform independant, and generic, to be able to add a new platform setting without the platform needing to extends rss on itself.

You can add this tag at channel level and item level.

Team and Guests

You can credit the people behind the podcast or an episode by using the podcast:team tag. Childrens of podcast:team tag can have a role attribute. (host, columnist, etc)

If you had guest on an episode, you can add them to the podcast:guests tag.

Both tags is a list of podcast:person tags


A podcast:person tag can be used in podcast:team and podcast:guest lists. This podcast:person tag can have childrens to add informations about their social networks or websites: podcast:social, podcast:link

This tag can also be used as a standalone tag on episodes metadata tags

Episode metadata tags

Any episodes can contains an infinite amount of tags to provide more data about the content of the episode. This include podcast:person if the episode is talking about a person (and said person is not a guest of the episode).

This also include the following tags (with some attributes examples) :


This is a work in progress, a first draft of the idea is available below, and the first XSD spec is at conception stage.


Anyone, and any podcasting platform can contribute. This work aims to make podcast datas better for the common good. Issues and pull requests are open.

Example (first draft)

<rss version="2.0" xmlns:podcast="https://podcast-ext.org">
		<!-- [...] -->

		<podcast:platform platform="itunes" href="https://podcast.apple.com/mypodcast" />
		<podcast:social platform="twitter" handle="pofmagicfingers" href="https://twitter.com/pofmagicfingers" />
		<podcast:social platform="facebook" handle="pofmagicfingers" href="https://facebook.com/pofmagicfingers" />
		<podcast:donate platform="patreon" handle="pofmagicfingers" href="https://patreon.com/pofmagicfingers" />
		<podcast:shop platform="spreadshirt" href="https://spreadshirt.com/pofmagicfingers">Buy our stuff!</podcast:shop>
		<podcast:link href="https://podcloud.app/user/pofmagicfingers">My podCloud profile</podcast:link>

		<podcast:block platform="itunes">yes</podcast:block>
		<podcast:block platform="majelan">yes</podcast:block>
		<podcast:block platform="googleplay">no</podcast:block>
		<podcast:block platform="spotify">no</podcast:block>
		<podcast:block platform="podcloud">yes</podcast:block>

			<podcast:person firstname="André" lastname="Michot" nickname="Michan" role="host" pronoun="they" />

			<!-- [...] -->
			<podcast:book isbn="1241234432" title="ABC" author="Michel" href="https://amazon.co.uk/azeaze" />
			<podcast:game title="ABC" developer="Blizzard" publisher="Activision" />
			<podcast:tv_show title="Stranger things" />
			<podcast:movie title="ABC" director="André" />
			<podcast:video title="ABC" href="https://vimeo.com/video/1234123" />
			<podcast:music title="ABC" artist="Jackson5" href="https://music.com/abc" />
			<podcast:art title="ABC" artist="Jackson5" href="https://music.com/abc" />
			<podcast:object name="Model S" brand="Tesla" price="82500" currency="EUR" href="https://www.tesla.com/fr_FR/models" />
			<podcast:person firstname="André" lastname="Michot" nickname="Michan" />
			<podcast:person firstname="Michel" lastname="Maurice" nickname="Mimau">
				<podcast:social platform="twitter" handle="mimau" />

				<podcast:person firstname="André" lastname="Michot" nickname="Michan" role="host" />
				<podcast:person firstname="Alexis" lastname="Blablo" nickname="blablo" role="columnist" />

				<podcast:person firstname="Thomas" lastname="Collins">
					<podcast:link href="https://jaimelegif.com">Thomas project website</podcast:link>
                    <podcast:social platform="twitter" handle="tomcol" href="https://twitter.com/tomcol" />

			<podcast:location name="ABC" city="London" postcode="123VE" country="UK" lat="34.676637" lng="135.506512" />
			<podcast:website name="Netflix" href="https://netflix.com" />
				name="[email protected]" 
				when="Sat, 22 June 2019 10:00:00 CEST" 
				where="Campus Jussieu" 
				href="https://mp3aparis.fr" />
			<podcast:podcast name="P2P" href="https://p2p.lepodcast.fr" rss="https://p2p.lepodcast.fr/rss" />
			<podcast:podcast name="P2P" href="https://p2p.lepodcast.fr" rss="https://p2p.lepodcast.fr/rss">
				<podcast:platform platform="spotify" href="https://open.spotify.com/sdfsdf" />